CampusCrate, a new startup coming August 1st, 2016, is based around changing the way care packages for college students are done. Most care packages, whether you put them together and send them yourself, or order a boring and bland one online, are outdated. CampusCrate wants to change that. We allow you to go online, select the base box which includes quality packaging, a handwritten note that you choose, and shipping. You then can select your products to be included. Choose from our inventory which includes categories like dorm room essentials, food and snacks, office supplies, and so much more. We want to not only offer food products, like most care packages do, but things students will actually need and use. CampusCrate now allows you to easily make a custom college care package online. You choose the price, save yourself time, and send that student a one of a kind care package. We make care packages easy and unique again.